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In Real Racing 3, we have access to a big range of autodromes and racetrack from all around the globe. In this article, we will go review a few of them and we will also talk about strategy for a specific track.

Dubai Autodrome

The first one we will talk about in Real Racing 3 is a racetrack used in the current WTTT event – Dubai Autodrome.
It’s fairly moderate and up to date with its design, originally opened in October 2004 for final rounds of FIA GT Championship.
The track is available in six configurations, four with boxes allowed and 2 without them, always raced with clockwise direction.
The design was made to meet all requirements made by FIA to run asphalt off-track areas. The track is 5,4 kilometers long in the most popular course with lap record being 1:41.220 established by Kamui Kobayashi in 2008 in the GP2 Asian series.
Are you probably figured out, every racing track has some dark times behind them, Dubai Autodrome is no exception in that subject.
In April 2010 driver named Hissette lost traction in turn 16, sadly leading to his tragic death in a car rolling over.
Half of a year later Switzerland bike driver – Pascal Grosjean racing in 600cc motorbike Championship race lost balance during a finish of a race.
Coming up to Real Racing 3, autodrome is alose available in six different sets with the most popular being the Grand Prix course, being also the one mentioned above.
It’s a set of nineteen turns, with two long straight roads. To keep a good lap timing you have to go out perfectly on turn numbers 11 and 19.
They are right before long straights. You should select hard tires since wearing off is pretty high, because of the track’s length.
If you’ll be capable of reducing your pitstop visit amount up to three in 40 lap race, you should be able to keep overall time on low level enough to compete in top-ranking made for these.

Want to play on real tracks in a video game? Check Real racing 3. The picture shows a photo of Dubai autodrome taken from the north by a remote-controlled drone. It gives you a whole picture of how the race track looks like, now I will tell you a secret - it looks exactly the same in Real Racing 3. You can take each of these corners in-game just like you would do that in real life. Up to the top, you can see boxes of a real team preparing for the race and in our game, you can use exact same boxes to change your tires of a refuel. Go on - turn on Real Racing 3 and check this track.

Circuit des 24 Heures

In real Real Racing 3, we have available one of the oldest racetrack in France.
The one and only Circuit de la Sarthe located in Le Mans opened in 1923.
The track hosts the most popular 24h endurance race, it ain’t permanent as some of the corners are placed on public roads.
Right now, the track is licensed for three configurations, with the shorter variant being Buggati Circuit add in patch 7.3 in Real Racing 3.
Sadly the shortest one – Blanche Circuit is not in-game, sadly.
Lap record since 2018 is equal to 3:17.658 minutes set by Kazuki Nakajima in Toyota TS050 Hybrid, with an average speed around 220.015 km/h.
Around 85% track is spent putting throttle pedal in-ground, which causes a lot of stress not only on the engine but on most of the parts in the drivetrain.
If you think it doesn’t put stress on brakes, then you are simply wrong.
Even with most of the track being straight, you will need some points where you slow down by almost 70% of your speed just so you can make a corner.
Big stress even more rarely gives a hard time for brakes, harder than casual tracks.
In Real Racing 3, if you want to participate in any race on this track, to not put yourself at disadvantage you will have to invest a lot.
If you can’t afford some cars or car part, you can always use our Real Racing 3 Hack.
The first thing is getting a car as suitable for the race as possible.
Aim for quick engines with a lot of torque, also with long late gears.
About brakes, you should aim for ones that can resist a lot of stress in a short amount of time and do not plan to break itself in the meantime.

The picture shows the start of the race caption in Real Racing 3. It shows 3 lines of cars, first is made out of 3 cars. Winner, runner up and 3rd place in last year edition. The second one is made by 5 cars of remaining teams. The last one is packed with the new design from Audi. All of these cars are available in Real Racing 3 after getting some gold and R$. You can drive them even on LeMans racetrack and recreate every possible situation that took place in the real race this and previous years. Take a look at how real this picture looks like you can think that its a photo taken at a real event, but no... This is Real Racing 3

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

Ever been in Mediolan? Why not visit it in Real Racing 3.
Autodromo Nazionale Monza is a permanent track located in northern Italy.
Also one of the old ones – built in 1922, being one of these “power tracks”, were just as on Le Mans, you need high speeds and a lot of power to get an acceptable timing.
Added to the game in patch v3.1 around January 2015.
Grand Prix signed a contract for the expansion of track planned to be ready around 2024.
The track is 5.8km long with 11 turns and lap record set to 1:21.046 by Rubens Barrichello in 2004 in Ferrari Formula 1 bolid.
In the popularity department, this autodrome has a pretty dark past.
The track has claimed 52 driver’s life and 35 spectators, with most of the happening in early Formula 1 times. In Real Racing 3 we are getting the freshest version of the track, which was improved year by year to ensure safety for everyone taking part in the event.
Tactics when playing Real Racing on this track is really similar to the previous one.
You need lots of power to even think about fighting for good times.
So start with a good engine, then remember about breaks that won’t need a swap after a few times of stress being put on them. You need everything to work perfectly to the end of the race because every single lost second will payback in you falling down in tables.
Also before you play in Real Racing 3, remember to set yourself comfortable in a chair so you can keep playing for at least 30 minutes when you take part in an endurance race.
It’s a race that will check your skills and resistance to stress.

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Types of events in Real Racing 3 Wed, 01 Apr 2020 14:25:18 +0000 Intro In Real Racing 3 there are two most important ways to compete with each other. First is weekly scheduled […]

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In Real Racing 3 there are two most important ways to compete with each other.
First is weekly scheduled seven different types of races packed together available on a different day, the other one is special events made organized from time to time.
We will go over both of them, then we will review the example of a week pack.
Remember, if you can’t get some upgrades available in Real Racing 3, check our tool to get some R$ or gold.

Special event scheduled in Real Racing 3 calendar

In Real Racing’s wiki you can find different tournaments for a different type of cars:

  • Road Race
  • MotorSport
  • Best Race
  • Special Events
  • Limited Time Series

Each competition is a set of races, where every win gives you points need to win a tournament. In every category, you are restricted up to choosing thirteen cars, out of the ones you have already bought.
In terms of the profitability of a series, there are huge prices for every winner and uprunner. You can win either some R$ or M$ of a value of 50$. The most popular ones are Formula1 Academy and Daily Race, alongside with Formula E and NASCAR. Academy in Real Racing 3 is a low tier Formula 1 for a causal driver without high requirements to participate, but big reward so you can fastly upgrade for a car if you are good enough to take your place in Formula.
Daily race, on the other hand, is a bit harder to participate, so the overall level of competition is on a higher bar as well. You don’t need a super good car to fight there, but certainly, you can’t fight for top sport with a starting LVL1 car.
Formula E is something that was introduced in real races and Real Racing 3 a while ago, it’s a league for electric formula-like bolids. To participate you’ll need to buy an electric car, usually available after a week or two or playing.
Well… I don’t really think anyone needs an introduction to NASCAR races, the only difference in-game is that you basically race for a shorter period of time, than the real one, but you’ll need to take place first in Formula Academy Real Racing3 to be allowed to race in NASCAR.
Other series are a bit less popular than the ones mentioned above, but there’s still some cars and plenty of players to race with. You will get an event based on a real racing day, like Road to Le Mans, which is basically a way to entertain you about the event in real life or some driving schools sponsored by Audi, so you can fall in love in their sports car playing Real Racing 3.

The picture presents Ferrari Bolid in Real Racing 3, made for the purpose of presentation of formula 1 races introduced in our game. The car itself is obviously red, as you could expect for Ferrari, with big rear wing and 18 inches tiers. The background looks like the flag of Spain, but it's relating to Ferrari colors with 3 bars - yellow middle one and red sides. In Real Racing 3 you can play these in everyday Formula 1 races based on real tracks, with cars driving like real ones and having pretty similar performance compared to their brothers on real tracks.

Real Racing 3 calendar - weekly events

On every other week in our game, there’s a 7 day long series of races, with one on every day of the week, that allows you to fight in different categories of races, but as one tournament.
By participating in every race, without missing ones, you are getting daily rewards that include some R$ dollars, fame points (usually on the first day) or gold. As mentioned in the intro, there is a calendar in Real Racing 3’s fandom page, that lets you check the plan for the current week and check the past ones. You can see rewards there, types of races and logo of events.
Usually, there are two races to chose from for every day – one is some time trial for Formula 1, it’s a race for the best time on the chosen track, that is an in-game remade of a real racetrack and the time people are making in the game is pretty close to what IRL cars, with similar performance, can achieve. I don’t want to mention we have better drivers in Real Racing 3 hah.
The other one to chose is Pinnacle of Performance, quote of the description – “Take the incredible McLaren Senna GTR on a victory lap around Europe!”. You basically get a McLaren Senna GTR to compete for the best time in different types of challenges, for every top100 you achieve, you get points in the whole event. The prize for the best is the possibility to keep the car.
The car itself is one of the best hypercars available in-game, with a 7-speed gearbox, mid-mounted engine, and rear-wheel drive. Depended on the upgrades you buy, you can get even below 2,5s for 0-100 acceleration, while basic one achieves it in around 2,8s.
The most expansive upgrade is Competiton Cylinder Head with a price as low as 750 thousand of R$ (the currency of Real Racing 3).

The picture shows a plan for week n 16 in Real Racing 3. It's a collection of different races, one for every day, that a player can participate in, to collect R$, gold or fame points. In week 16 we got two races to choose from one was Formula 1 race same in every day - it was a normal type race organized on Autodromo Nazionale Monza located in north Italy or the other one - Pinnacle of Performance, which is McLaren SENNA time challenges in Real Racing 3. Prices were fame, then gold 2nd, 4th, 6th, and last R$. There are separate plans for every week in the past and will be for upcoming ones.

Review of all types of races

  • Autocross – with a chosen track, the organizer is choosing one piece of it and the player needs to achieve the best time among all participants. The trick is – you have limited time to finish it, so not only you have to be the best, but you also need to make it at least kinda fast. One of the funniest races available in Real Racing 3.
  • Cup – these are the weekly events described above in the second paragraph, with a set of minimum requirements to participate in.
  • Drag Race – who need to explain this one of the oldest types of races… It’s a 400 meters race, where car performance is not as important as the way you manipulate gearbox and clutch, to make every spare of a second matter. Clutches in Real Racing 3 work a little bit smoother than real ones btw.
  • Elimination – Casual race with ten or more participants with a bit more lap than a player, because the one that is last on the current lap will be eliminated for further racing what means – you can’t even finish the race.
  • Endurance – a race where you have limited overall time for driving, what matters is how many laps can you make within the time set. Usually in Real Racing 3 lap times are super similar to real ones, so you can easily calculate what are you aiming for.
  • Formula E – as described above it’s a Formula based electric car in a normal race.
  • Head to Head – it’s a one versus one on a race track to qualify further, you fight with another player in a normal race, where only two of you take a fight.
  • Hunter – Race with a hunter car and end race as far from it as you can.
  • NASCAR – as described above, NASCAR cars, few races and a lot of emotions, one of the most beloved in Real Racing 3.
  • Speed Record – It’s a competition for the best time on a certain track, within the player that takes a part on tournament
  • Speed Snap – it’s Autocross, but an older version.
  • Time Trial – well, it’s also Autocross, but you can’t go off track or you will get disqualified.
In the picture, you can see Real Racing 3 cars racing in a mode called Hunter, which is basically hunting ghost car in order to win. The winner is a player who has the biggest advantage at the end of race time. In the first plan, you can see the cheetah that represents a player and an antelope that shows a ghost car in Real Racing 3. In the background, you can see red Lamborghini chasing the old Nissan Silva that is usually used as a ghost car in that mode. Challenge is probably taking place in northern Germany on some less known racetrack.

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Types of cars in Real Racing 3 Mon, 30 Mar 2020 12:36:06 +0000 Intro In this article, we will go over the categories of vehicles available in Real Racing 3. If you can’t […]

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In this article, we will go over the categories of vehicles available in Real Racing 3.
If you can’t afford some of them, just go to our Real Racing 3 Hack.
In our game, you can choose from a variety of car types and models.
The publisher added most popular car brands, like Audi, BMW or Bentley, but at the same time, we get some rare producents like Porsche or Lamborghini and even some of Ford Shelby’s reproduction.

Real supersport cars

The game includes even Supersports like Bugatti Veyron.
What do we get from that?
The real feeling of how it is to drive a car that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.
You will ask – does it feel real? The answer is – yes, it does. It REALLY does.
This type of car is getting the best out of the best gearboxes in the whole world.
Every single ‘gear up’ is a new bomb of pure power that comes from the engine.
Every ratio of gear is perfectly calculated to keep the car going in the biggest fashion allowed on earth. The steering system is made in a way that every single small move of your steering wheel that you dictate, will be converted into a pitch-perfect maneuver of your car.
What about engines? Who did not dream, when he was a child, about super-fast, 5 liters engined car… Probably you can’t find a person who did not. Supersport cars offer it, but not in a way we dreamed as kids. Now that the engineering went further, our horsepower supply is designed to full fill every need of a feeling of speed we could imagine as kids.
Turbo-charged, few liter engines gives you a perfect value between being an unleashed beast and a saddle horse. Why? Because it was made by a man and it will do everything a crazy man wants from the car. You can get it in Real Racing 3. Wanted to chill in your car? Ride slow, don’t rev it up and you will get a superior feeling of an old V8 gurgling under the mask. Need a quarter of a mile win?
But what it does in real racing 3? They show you that even a car that is made not purposely for racing can beat race cars in great fashion while maintaining a great look and awesome inferior.

The picture presents Bugatti Veyron, car available in Real Racing 3 mobile game. This car is supposedly a viable civil car with performance comparable to a racing car. It's shown to us in a racing track next to a commentator building, before the race.

Sport version of casual cars

Ah yes… Remember your old ford fiesta that your dad used to drive when you were a kid?
Imagine, if you could put some 400+hp engine under that mask when driving to the nearest mall or to a church.
That’s what are these cars – they take a design from a casual car like BMW series 3 modify every single thing that you can’t see from outside and make it better in any possible way, but keeping it in a civil car way and you get an M3.
Sport suspension with a 3-liter engine is going to give you a great driving experience. With these types of cars, you can drive in almost any race type aside from formula 1 probably.
That’s what Real Racing 3 has to offer.
They are made strictly for racing in the best version of these cars, which means when they are upgraded fully – they remove everything from the outside to get the car a little bit lighter, which will give you bigger power to mass ratio. Cars like Audi R10 can give you around 500 [W/kg] which is an average of some Lemans cars. You think this is a lot? Remember when I talked about casual fiesta with a racing engine? Take a look at the Peugeot 208 T16, with around 750 power to mass ratio, how did they achieved it? Well… The car itself weighs 875kg, while the engine produces also 875 but horsepower and imagined – they’ve put it in Real Racing 3.
You can race those in almost every competition in Real Racing. They are the most available class of cars in the game and allow you to choose from many, with great opportunities for upgrades and changes in your own personal way.
It’s one of the most beloved category of cars in and outside the game, because of flexibility and performance.

This picture shows Real Racing 3 in-game footage of BMW M3 2009. It's a car that was previously presented in a game called "Need For Speed: Most Wanted", it's the previous version built as a GT, was made one of the most memorable car looks in a world. In the late 2000s, every kid on this planed that played video games wanted to have an M3. Why is that? Because the car looked great, the performance was up to the best out of all available cars and man the class it had... In-game you can see the footage of a civil version of an M3 presented on New York Racetrack on the west wing.

Re-made old cars that still feal real

Well… Most of you probably can’t remember the 1966 LeMans race. It’s understandable since the average age of a player is just around 26. But worry not, ill tell you the story.
Ford company was losing a lot of income since they only produced somewhat of a fiesta of their time. Who getting part of a market that was the most entertaining? Ferrari.
A few years earlier ford decided to work with Mr. Carol Shelby to create a car that will win them Le Mans and dethrone Ferrari. Do you know what car he made back then? It was Ford GT. With this racing car, the American company took over people’s hearts.
If you load up GT in Real Racing 3, will it feel close to what that care gave you 50 years ago?
Hell yeah. RR3 recreates perfectly the way car was driving in the last decade. The suspension feels really old but tough enough to race like crazy. Old 7 liter V8 with 5-speed manual gearbox gives you a great feeling of driving, if you reduce gear right before a corner and take it super shortly, Ford will give you great power to kick out. You will need to learn that power goes to wheels in a really linear way, there’s no superchargers or compressor. Full power is made out of passive air takes and old fuel injectors. With 8 cylinders the impressions will be coming to close to what riding a racehorse is. He will listen and give you all he has but not in a troubling way, while new cars are more like bulls, as soon as they get some more fuel when you hit the gas pedal, they will behave like a bully who just seen red rag while being tossed.

In the first plan of the screen from Real Racing 3, you can see the reproduction of a Ford Shelby GT40. It's a car that was first made in the 1960s when Shelby's company started working with Ford to achieve one of the best cars in the history of LeMans racing. Originally it was painted exactly as in this picture - one single bar made out of white paint in the middle of a car going from the front bumper all the way to the back of the car, rest was painted in a lovely blue color, the same that Ford was using in their logo for at least 15 years back in the day. The screen was taken in a Chicago racetrack at the 4th turn.

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