Types of events in Real Racing 3

In Real Racing 3 there are two most important ways to compete with each other.
First is weekly scheduled seven different types of races packed together available on a different day, the other one is special events made organized from time to time.
We will go over both of them, then we will review the example of a week pack.
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Special event scheduled in Real Racing 3 calendar

In Real Racing’s wiki you can find different tournaments for a different type of cars:

  • Road Race
  • MotorSport
  • Best Race
  • Special Events
  • Limited Time Series

Each competition is a set of races, where every win gives you points need to win a tournament. In every category, you are restricted up to choosing thirteen cars, out of the ones you have already bought.
In terms of the profitability of a series, there are huge prices for every winner and uprunner. You can win either some R$ or M$ of a value of 50$. The most popular ones are Formula1 Academy and Daily Race, alongside with Formula E and NASCAR. Academy in Real Racing 3 is a low tier Formula 1 for a causal driver without high requirements to participate, but big reward so you can fastly upgrade for a car if you are good enough to take your place in Formula.
Daily race, on the other hand, is a bit harder to participate, so the overall level of competition is on a higher bar as well. You don’t need a super good car to fight there, but certainly, you can’t fight for top sport with a starting LVL1 car.
Formula E is something that was introduced in real races and Real Racing 3 a while ago, it’s a league for electric formula-like bolids. To participate you’ll need to buy an electric car, usually available after a week or two or playing.
Well… I don’t really think anyone needs an introduction to NASCAR races, the only difference in-game is that you basically race for a shorter period of time, than the real one, but you’ll need to take place first in Formula Academy Real Racing3 to be allowed to race in NASCAR.
Other series are a bit less popular than the ones mentioned above, but there’s still some cars and plenty of players to race with. You will get an event based on a real racing day, like Road to Le Mans, which is basically a way to entertain you about the event in real life or some driving schools sponsored by Audi, so you can fall in love in their sports car playing Real Racing 3.

The picture presents Ferrari Bolid in Real Racing 3, made for the purpose of presentation of formula 1 races introduced in our game. The car itself is obviously red, as you could expect for Ferrari, with big rear wing and 18 inches tiers. The background looks like the flag of Spain, but it's relating to Ferrari colors with 3 bars - yellow middle one and red sides. In Real Racing 3 you can play these in everyday Formula 1 races based on real tracks, with cars driving like real ones and having pretty similar performance compared to their brothers on real tracks.

Real Racing 3 calendar - weekly events

On every other week in our game, there’s a 7 day long series of races, with one on every day of the week, that allows you to fight in different categories of races, but as one tournament.
By participating in every race, without missing ones, you are getting daily rewards that include some R$ dollars, fame points (usually on the first day) or gold. As mentioned in the intro, there is a calendar in Real Racing 3’s fandom page, that lets you check the plan for the current week and check the past ones. You can see rewards there, types of races and logo of events.
Usually, there are two races to chose from for every day – one is some time trial for Formula 1, it’s a race for the best time on the chosen track, that is an in-game remade of a real racetrack and the time people are making in the game is pretty close to what IRL cars, with similar performance, can achieve. I don’t want to mention we have better drivers in Real Racing 3 hah.
The other one to chose is Pinnacle of Performance, quote of the description – “Take the incredible McLaren Senna GTR on a victory lap around Europe!”. You basically get a McLaren Senna GTR to compete for the best time in different types of challenges, for every top100 you achieve, you get points in the whole event. The prize for the best is the possibility to keep the car.
The car itself is one of the best hypercars available in-game, with a 7-speed gearbox, mid-mounted engine, and rear-wheel drive. Depended on the upgrades you buy, you can get even below 2,5s for 0-100 acceleration, while basic one achieves it in around 2,8s.
The most expansive upgrade is Competiton Cylinder Head with a price as low as 750 thousand of R$ (the currency of Real Racing 3).

The picture shows a plan for week n 16 in Real Racing 3. It's a collection of different races, one for every day, that a player can participate in, to collect R$, gold or fame points. In week 16 we got two races to choose from one was Formula 1 race same in every day - it was a normal type race organized on Autodromo Nazionale Monza located in north Italy or the other one - Pinnacle of Performance, which is McLaren SENNA time challenges in Real Racing 3. Prices were fame, then gold 2nd, 4th, 6th, and last R$. There are separate plans for every week in the past and will be for upcoming ones.

Review of all types of races

  • Autocross – with a chosen track, the organizer is choosing one piece of it and the player needs to achieve the best time among all participants. The trick is – you have limited time to finish it, so not only you have to be the best, but you also need to make it at least kinda fast. One of the funniest races available in Real Racing 3.
  • Cup – these are the weekly events described above in the second paragraph, with a set of minimum requirements to participate in.
  • Drag Race – who need to explain this one of the oldest types of races… It’s a 400 meters race, where car performance is not as important as the way you manipulate gearbox and clutch, to make every spare of a second matter. Clutches in Real Racing 3 work a little bit smoother than real ones btw.
  • Elimination – Casual race with ten or more participants with a bit more lap than a player, because the one that is last on the current lap will be eliminated for further racing what means – you can’t even finish the race.
  • Endurance – a race where you have limited overall time for driving, what matters is how many laps can you make within the time set. Usually in Real Racing 3 lap times are super similar to real ones, so you can easily calculate what are you aiming for.
  • Formula E – as described above it’s a Formula based electric car in a normal race.
  • Head to Head – it’s a one versus one on a race track to qualify further, you fight with another player in a normal race, where only two of you take a fight.
  • Hunter – Race with a hunter car and end race as far from it as you can.
  • NASCAR – as described above, NASCAR cars, few races and a lot of emotions, one of the most beloved in Real Racing 3.
  • Speed Record – It’s a competition for the best time on a certain track, within the player that takes a part on tournament
  • Speed Snap – it’s Autocross, but an older version.
  • Time Trial – well, it’s also Autocross, but you can’t go off track or you will get disqualified.
In the picture, you can see Real Racing 3 cars racing in a mode called Hunter, which is basically hunting ghost car in order to win. The winner is a player who has the biggest advantage at the end of race time. In the first plan, you can see the cheetah that represents a player and an antelope that shows a ghost car in Real Racing 3. In the background, you can see red Lamborghini chasing the old Nissan Silva that is usually used as a ghost car in that mode. Challenge is probably taking place in northern Germany on some less known racetrack.

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