Last used racetracks in Real Racing 3

In Real Racing 3, we have access to a big range of autodromes and racetrack from all around the globe. In this article, we will go review a few of them and we will also talk about strategy for a specific track.

The first one we will talk about in Real Racing 3 is a racetrack used in the current WTTT event – Dubai Autodrome.
It’s fairly moderate and up to date with its design, originally opened in October 2004 for final rounds of FIA GT Championship.
The track is available in six configurations, four with boxes allowed and 2 without them, always raced with clockwise direction.
The design was made to meet all requirements made by FIA to run asphalt off-track areas. The track is 5,4 kilometers long in the most popular course with lap record being 1:41.220 established by Kamui Kobayashi in 2008 in the GP2 Asian series.
Are you probably figured out, every racing track has some dark times behind them, Dubai Autodrome is no exception in that subject.
In April 2010 driver named Hissette lost traction in turn 16, sadly leading to his tragic death in a car rolling over.
Half of a year later Switzerland bike driver – Pascal Grosjean racing in 600cc motorbike Championship race lost balance during a finish of a race.
Coming up to Real Racing 3, autodrome is alose available in six different sets with the most popular being the Grand Prix course, being also the one mentioned above.
It’s a set of nineteen turns, with two long straight roads. To keep a good lap timing you have to go out perfectly on turn numbers 11 and 19.
They are right before long straights. You should select hard tires since wearing off is pretty high, because of the track’s length.
If you’ll be capable of reducing your pitstop visit amount up to three in 40 lap race, you should be able to keep overall time on low level enough to compete in top-ranking made for these.

Want to play on real tracks in a video game? Check Real racing 3. The picture shows a photo of Dubai autodrome taken from the north by a remote-controlled drone. It gives you a whole picture of how the race track looks like, now I will tell you a secret - it looks exactly the same in Real Racing 3. You can take each of these corners in-game just like you would do that in real life. Up to the top, you can see boxes of a real team preparing for the race and in our game, you can use exact same boxes to change your tires of a refuel. Go on - turn on Real Racing 3 and check this track.

Circuit des 24 Heures

In real Real Racing 3, we have available one of the oldest racetrack in France.
The one and only Circuit de la Sarthe located in Le Mans opened in 1923.
The track hosts the most popular 24h endurance race, it ain’t permanent as some of the corners are placed on public roads.
Right now, the track is licensed for three configurations, with the shorter variant being Buggati Circuit add in patch 7.3 in Real Racing 3.
Sadly the shortest one – Blanche Circuit is not in-game, sadly.
Lap record since 2018 is equal to 3:17.658 minutes set by Kazuki Nakajima in Toyota TS050 Hybrid, with an average speed around 220.015 km/h.
Around 85% track is spent putting throttle pedal in-ground, which causes a lot of stress not only on the engine but on most of the parts in the drivetrain.
If you think it doesn’t put stress on brakes, then you are simply wrong.
Even with most of the track being straight, you will need some points where you slow down by almost 70% of your speed just so you can make a corner.
Big stress even more rarely gives a hard time for brakes, harder than casual tracks.
In Real Racing 3, if you want to participate in any race on this track, to not put yourself at disadvantage you will have to invest a lot.
If you can’t afford some cars or car part, you can always use our Real Racing 3 Hack.
The first thing is getting a car as suitable for the race as possible.
Aim for quick engines with a lot of torque, also with long late gears.
About brakes, you should aim for ones that can resist a lot of stress in a short amount of time and do not plan to break itself in the meantime.

The picture shows the start of the race caption in Real Racing 3. It shows 3 lines of cars, first is made out of 3 cars. Winner, runner up and 3rd place in last year edition. The second one is made by 5 cars of remaining teams. The last one is packed with the new design from Audi. All of these cars are available in Real Racing 3 after getting some gold and R$. You can drive them even on LeMans racetrack and recreate every possible situation that took place in the real race this and previous years. Take a look at how real this picture looks like you can think that its a photo taken at a real event, but no... This is Real Racing 3

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

Ever been in Mediolan? Why not visit it in Real Racing 3.
Autodromo Nazionale Monza is a permanent track located in northern Italy.
Also one of the old ones – built in 1922, being one of these “power tracks”, were just as on Le Mans, you need high speeds and a lot of power to get an acceptable timing.
Added to the game in patch v3.1 around January 2015.
Grand Prix signed a contract for the expansion of track planned to be ready around 2024.
The track is 5.8km long with 11 turns and lap record set to 1:21.046 by Rubens Barrichello in 2004 in Ferrari Formula 1 bolid.
In the popularity department, this autodrome has a pretty dark past.
The track has claimed 52 driver’s life and 35 spectators, with most of the happening in early Formula 1 times. In Real Racing 3 we are getting the freshest version of the track, which was improved year by year to ensure safety for everyone taking part in the event.
Tactics when playing Real Racing on this track is really similar to the previous one.
You need lots of power to even think about fighting for good times.
So start with a good engine, then remember about breaks that won’t need a swap after a few times of stress being put on them. You need everything to work perfectly to the end of the race because every single lost second will payback in you falling down in tables.
Also before you play in Real Racing 3, remember to set yourself comfortable in a chair so you can keep playing for at least 30 minutes when you take part in an endurance race.
It’s a race that will check your skills and resistance to stress.

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